What is Floral Therapy?

People enjoy receiving flowers for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even just as random kind gestures. In every movie, television show, and even in our own lives, we see flowers as a gift that is the purest and most sentimental of all.

While the sentiment alone would be enough to make a person happy, many statistics and experiments suggest that flowers have a long-lasting therapeutic effect on people. Floral healing properties are utilized in what is called floral therapy as an effective medicine to treat patients.

Floral Therapy

Floral therapy is a practice that uses floral essences and fragrances as a healing mechanism for patients. The idea is that it will affect the physical and mental health of whoever the patient is.

Whether as medicine or for their mental healing power, flowers have a special role in mental and physical health. It can be something as simple as a vase of flowers in the middle of your kitchen, which is enough to grant you happiness for the near future.

Floral Medicine

Many of the common natural healing ingredients in all-natural medicines come from plants. However, alternative and herbal medicines are not the only medicines that get their healing power from plants.

In fact, there are over one hundred medicinal compounds that are made from plants. The popular pain reliever Aspirin, for example, is derived from willow bark. So, we know that natural remedies are not the only ones using plants.

The ability to create medicines from plants lends to the idea that floral therapy is something that could be used to treat people’s moods and health. With the power to take pain away, like in medicines like Aspirin, there is a whole new meaning to the term ‘flower power’.

Lotion and Aloe Vera

Flowers do not only give way for medicine, though, as they are also very useful in beauty products like lotions and Aloe Vera.

Many common lotions are made from lavender, as lavender is a relaxing smell. Lotions are common in floral therapy because lotions are often used as methods of relaxation, and they are also impactful for physical health because they moisturize dry and unhealthy skin.

Aloe Vera is found in nature and can be used directly from the plant. Much of this plant’s popularity stems from its healing power for burns on the skin. Its ability to moisturize and repair skin inflammation makes it a popular product on the shelves.

The Effect on Mood

If you have ever heard the saying “stop and smell the roses”, you know that it means ‘smelling the roses’ represents taking a break and enjoying the good parts of life.

There have been countless studies on a flower’s ability to impact a person’s mood alone. The theory is that even having flowers present in a room is enough to create a calming and positive aura.

It is also known that flowers are a great way to make someone’s day better. If your partner has had a rough day, coming home with flowers is sure to make it better. While we all know that people are happy when they receive any form of gift, studies have proven that flowers give a more genuine and long-lasting happiness.

The Healing Value of Floral Therapy: Something to Consider

Whether you are having pains or just had a particularly tough day, flowers may be the answer. Something as simple as having a potted flower in your office could brighten your mood for the day.

The healing power of flowers is often overlooked and seen as something that is only used in natural medicines, but this could not be farther from the truth. If floral therapy sounds unusual to you, remember that plants transform lives through commonly used products like Aspirin and Aloe Vera. You’ve probably even been treated by floral therapy in the past. Maybe it’s more common than you think.

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