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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

‘Tis the season for wedding bells and flower arrangements! Choosing flowers for your wedding can be incredibly daunting – the bouquet colors have to completely match your whole theme. Luckily, we provide everything you need to choose the perfect bouquet for your special day!

1. Color Scheme

Think about the color scheme you want to showcase on your perfect day. It can be easier to choose your color scheme first, before deciding what flowers to use. Do you want the flowers to pop, like deep red roses with an ivory background? Or do you want them to blend subtly, like a pale yellow or cream bouquet? You want your flowers to match with your invitations, linens, and dress. Choosing your color scheme will narrow your options as to what flowers you can use, and make it easier to make a selection.

2. Price

Some flowers are more expensive than others. Roses will usually be more expensive, but if you just want a specific color, we can fashion a custom bouquet with the flowers of your choice. Making a budget beforehand will help you determine what types of flowers you can use to help you stay within your spending goals.

3. Types of Flowers

Think about what types of flowers you like and want to use b efore jumping the gun on a decision. What style are you attracted to, and what types will fir the vibe of your wedding? You can have anything from extravagant and romantic, to garden classic and fresh! There are many options for a wedding bouquet, but a few typical wedding flowers are roses, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, etc. Take a moment to discover what you like, and we will work with you to create your vision.

4. What Are You Decorating?

Will flowers be a big portion of your wedding? Will they be scattered all over tables and across pews, or will you have a simpler decoration scheme with just a bouquet and some table settings here and there? We can help! Each type of flower is used for different decorative techniques. For example, what we use for your main bouquet may be different than what we use for a table setting. Think about what kind of style you’re after before choosing what flowers you want. It can be easier to start with the bouquet, so you can have a theme to follow for the rest of the wedding.

5. What’s Your Wedding’s Style?

Your bouquet should match the theme of your wedding. If your wedding is more formal and classic, (white dress, black-tie tux, etc.), your flowers should match that energy and stay on the traditional side. Your centerpieces and bouquet should match. However, if your style is more relaxed and garden-themed, you can play around with mix-matched settings and less traditional flowers. The type and color of flower will set the tone. Let us know if you want your wedding to be more elegant and romantic, or more rustic and boho. Whatever you want, we can cater to your desires.

6. Seasonal Flowers

Think about which season your wedding is in, and try to choose flowers that match the feelings associated with that time of year. Keep in mind that if you request something that we don’t have available on our website, we will try our best to accommodate, but it may mean a higher price.

You should have whatever flowers you want for your special day. But there are many options at your disposal, and it can be very overwhelming to pick one with so much on your mind!

Don’t fret. At A Flower Shop, we want to help facilitate your dream wedding however we can.

Bottom Line

When choosing your flower bouquet, think about these main points to help guide you towards your decisions:

  • What colors you want your wedding to follow
  • What budget you want to keep under
  • What “look” you’re going for with your flower style
  • What areas of your venue you’ll want to decorate
  • What style of arrangement you want to follow
  • What flowers are available during your wedding’s season.

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