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Summer Bouquets – What Color Combos Are Best?

It’s finally summertime, which means it’s the perfect time for flowy dresses and flowery decorations! But what floral colors show off that perfect summery vibe best?

Here at A Flower Shop, we can help you figure it out! We can guide you to what color combinations give off the casually classic summer aesthetic that you’re seeking for your summer event.


1. Coral and Cream

Cream is the ultimate “pure and sweet” summer color. Not quite as innocent and bold as white, the softness of the cream gives off a dewy, youthful vibe. Cream flowers can go with any combination as an accent color or as its own standalone theme. Cream paired with coral gives off a “peach” theme. Peaches have often been associated with summertime sweetness. This color combination will give off a nostalgic air of youthfulness that’s fresh. Use this color combination if you’re going for a classy and timeless vibe.


2. Mint and White

A mint and white color combination gives off a “cool and fresh” vibe. Mint green is always associated with spearmint or peppermint, which of course make us feel cool and refreshed. The color green in general is associated with vegetation, health, and freshness. The abrupt coolness of the white just compliments the refreshing vibe of the mint green. With this color combination, think “cool and chic”. Choose this combination if you’re going for a sophisticated feel.


3. Pink and Peach

This is a very “southern” color combination. Think “southern charm” when you consider this combo. A soft pastel pink gives off the air of innocence, and peach, similar to coral, gives off a delicate sweet vibe. Together, these colors create an intimate, delicate, feminine aesthetic. Think lace dresses and sweet tea. Use this color combination if you’re going for a lazy Sunday afternoon with the ladies.


4. Cream and White

This combo is probably our favorite because it’s so versatile. It’s a very bold and modern combination. At first glance, these colors appear to clash since they’re so close to each other on the pallet. However, when put together, they actually complement each other. The straight white is very cool and bold, where the cream is very warm, inviting and soft. When put together, it’s the best of both words. Use this color combination to pull off a very chic, modern, and professional aesthetic.


5. Blue, Green, and Cream

Summer is the best time for a beach aesthetic. Use blue, green, and white to really set off that “beach blue-green” feeling. Blue is a cool color, similar to green; however, whereas green gives off an earthy fresh vibe, blue gives off more of a water vibe. And these two colors complement each other well! Use the cream to soften the coolness of blue and green. Together these colors encompass the feeling of being on the beach, or somewhere relaxing. Use this color combination to create a fun, sporty, relaxing feeling.


6. Red, Orange, and Pink

This is a very bold, elegant, and romantic color combination. Red has always been associated with love, lust and romance. Orange and pink are associated with being sweet, flirty, and a little coy. Together, these three colors just shout love and romance. Use this color combination for an intimate setting, like an engagement party or romantic date.


7. Mix and Match

You don’t have to stick within the parameters of these suggestions! Try mixing and matching combos: pair red, orange and pink with cream and white to get the best of both worlds. When trying to fit a color combination to your event, think about what vibe you want your event to showcase: is it classy and elegant, or fun and relaxed? Then use this guide to choose your colors! A good rule to go by is color brightness: darker colors will feel more like “fall and winter”, whereas pastels and bright colors will feel more like summer/spring.

Stick with this thinking, and you really can’t go wrong!

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