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Lilies: Different Types and What They Mean

Unbeknownst to many, flowers have long been used to convey secret messages. This “flower language” is called florigraphy, which originates from the Victorian Era. People have long used bouquets to send hidden messages to each other. People would use different flowers to convey different feelings. For example, a yellow flower paired with a basil leaf can indicate someone who used to be a friend but is now an enemy!

Lilies are one of these flowers which can be used to convey a strong message. Not only are lilies the quintessential summer flower, symbolizing beauty and majesty, but also they have often been used to represent purity, passion, rebirth, and royalty.

There are many different types of lilies, and each color has a different meaning. Use our guide to help you choose what lilies you need for your desired theme, and we can help you put together the perfect arrangement to convey the right message!


1. Pink Lilies

The color pink symbolizes femininity and flirtatiousness. It is also a powerful color of love and support. Pink lilies are often used as gifts for significant events in a woman’s life. Pink lilies can symbolize prosperity and abundance, making them a fitting gift for a birthday, promotion, or graduation. They can also symbolize admiration and interest, which make them a perfect gift for someone you’re attracted to or respect.


2. White Lilies

White lilies are often used in weddings because they represent longevity and devotion. White lilies are perfect for this, because the color white represents the purity and sanctity of the new union between two people. These can be used in a wedding bouquet, but they are also used as a 2nd anniversary flower. Consider a white lily bouquet as a gift for your significant other!


3. Red Lilies

Red is an incredibly powerful color. Whether the emotion is positive or negative, it symbolizes something intense. Red is associated with love, passion, energy, strength, power, lust, and desire. A red lily is a strong indication of deep feelings for someone. Give a red lily bouquet to someone you love deeply and want to have a strong romantic relationship with!


4. Orange Lilies

The color orange is a mixture of red (which symbolizes energy, power and passion), and yellow (which symbolizes happiness, joy, and life, like sunshine). Orange is also the color of fall and harvest, symbolizing health and longevity. An orange lily symbolizes power, respect, confidence, pride, and wealth. Give an orange lily bouquet to someone who has just accomplished something they’ve been working hard towards!


5. Yellow Lilies

The color yellow signifies sunshine, happiness, joy and positive energy. It’s a very cheerful and uplifting color, and can be used to brighten someone’s day or lift someone’s spirits. Yellow lilies represent gratitude, remembrance, and enjoyment. Yellow lilies can be given to a grieving friend to help them get through a difficult time. They can be given as a thank-you for someone who did you a favor. They can also be given to children, as they represent child-like joy. Choose these lilies for someone who you care for but are not romantically involved with.

Choosing the perfect flower arrangement takes a lot of practice and knowledge about the intricacies of flower language. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! We are trained in the art of flower meanings and how to pair different items together to accomplish the message you want to convey. The first step is deciding what you need the arrangement for: is it a birthday party for a friend, or a romantic surprise dinner for two? Once you’ve decided what you need the lilies for, the next step is easy! All you have to do is choose the color that best matches with the event you’re hosting, and we will do the rest!

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