How to Make Your Own Flower Crown

Flower crowns have been a hot trend for people of all ages that we love! They are the perfect accessory for festivals, weddings, or a fun night out.

There are plenty of pre-made flower crowns that you can buy, but making your own is a very simple process and using fresh flowers makes a handmade one more special than anything you can buy in stores.

Flower crowns are an accessory you can wear year-round to compliment any kind of look. You can make a bold statement crown or an understated dainty crown to suit your style. Follow these easy steps to make your own unique flower crown that will impress all of your friends!

What You Need

  • Scissors – Make sure you have a pair of sharp scissors to cut all of the materials that you will use to make your crown
  • Wire – Also known as pliable twine or vine wire. This will be used as the base.
  • Craft Wire – This will be used to tie your flowers onto your crown easily.
  • Floral Tape – This is the best material for wrapping flowers together. Make sure you grab the shade that will fit in with your flowers. It typically comes in brown, green, and more natural colors.
  • Flowers – Get a good mix of flowers that you want to include in your crown. Make sure you cut the stems down to 2 to 3 inches to easily attach them. See step one for how to pick the best flowers to fit your crown style!

How to Make Your Crown: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Pick Your Flowers

You will want to pick the flowers that fit your personality and style. If you’re stuck, you might want to do some research and take a look at some online images on fashion sites. You’ll get a better ideas of what colored flowers you’re attracted to.

You can fill your crown with larger blooms for a bold look or smaller flowers for a dainty and delicate look.

For a bold statement, we suggest using carnations, anemones, dahlias, daisies, or spray roses. Smaller flowers that we suggest include snapdragon, baby’s breath, statice, poms, and feverfew.

You can also fill it with some extra greenery for a fuller look. For this, you can use ivy, eucalyptus, myrtle, lemon leaf, or leather fern.

2. Shape the Wire for Your Base

Wrap your wire around your head to measure the base for your crown. Make sure to leave ½ inch extra so it will fit comfortable on your head. Cut to the measured size and use floral tape to secure each end.

3. Assemble the Base with Greenery

Take the extra greenery you picked out during step one and attach it to your base using floral tape. If you only want to use blooms in your crown, you can skip this step!

4. Make Mini Bunches of Flowers

Put your flowers in groups of 3, varying the blooms in each group. Wrap the stems together with your floral tape starting at the top of the stem by the bloom and wrapping all the way to the bottom.

5. Attach Your Fresh Flowers

Attach each mini bunch to the base of your crown with floral tape or craft wire. Layer the blooms over top of one another, making sure they are all facing outwards in the same direction. Continue layering and attaching your blooms until you’re happy with the way your crown looks.

6. Rock Your Unique Accessory

Now you have a unique flower crown fit for any occasion! Store your crown in the fridge to keep your blooms fresh until you are ready to wear it. Make sure you put it in a safe spot so your flowers don’t get crushed.

On the big day, spray your blooms with water to refresh them so your flower crown will wow everyone around you!

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