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How to Arrange Your Own Stunning Centerpiece

At A Flower Shop, we know that a thoughtfully prepared centerpiece can truly change the atmosphere of any room. It can serve as a gift for a loved one, or add a pop of color to a dining table.
If you are looking to put your DIY skills to the test and craft your own, read on to discover how to arrange a stunning centerpiece for your home or special event.

Consider the Occasion

There are no set-in-stone guidelines to follow when making centerpieces. However, you do want to keep the aspects of your occasion in mind. If this centerpiece is for a wedding, consider incorporating the wedding’s theme and the bride’s favorite flowers. If you are making a centerpiece for your own apartment, don’t be afraid to use bold colors that complement your apartment’s color scheme.

Gather the Basics

When creating your own centerpiece, you will need:

  • A vessel: This item is the foundation of your centerpiece! Vessels can be made from glass, metal, wood, and ceramic, all depending on the look you are going for. Also consider what size and shape you want your vessel to be: a long vessel that is low to the table creates a natural-looking centerpiece, while a tall and skinny vessel allows for more upward growth.
  • Greens: Gather wild greens like olive branches, umbrella ferns, or bay leaves to give your arrangement a more realistic look.
  • Flowers of your choice: Consider choosing flowers that are in-season, as you can only utilize them certain times of the year and they will be cheaper. If you are going for a more classic and timeless look, orchids and roses are available all throughout the year.
  • Flower clippers: Consider investing in a pair of quality shears that you can use to spruce up your arrangement and thorn strippers to make the process a safer one.
  • Water: This will be needed to nourish your centerpiece. Avoid using floral foam in an attempt to prolong the life of your centerpiece. This toxic substance is damaging to the environment.
  • Tape: If this is the first centerpiece you are attempting to build, this item will come in handy. Tape, while not necessarily needed, will help guide your arranging process. More on that soon!

Building Your Centerpiece

This is the time to implement your creativity! It may take some experimenting to achieve the perfect look. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your centerpiece looking exactly right:

  • Fill your vessel two-thirds full of water.
  • Take several pieces of tape and create a tic-tac-toe pattern over the top of your vase. This will give you an outline for placing your flower stems.
  • Using your shears, cut the stems of your flowers at an angle. Take the size of your vessel into consideration when determining how much to cut off. Remove any leaves that will sit below water level. Use the thorn strippers to make your stems smooth.
  • Begin placing your flowers into the vase. Start with any larger flowers you have. Then, begin placing thinner ones, all while following your grid pattern.
  • Turn the vase as you go and make sure your design is symmetrical. Don’t neglect any areas of your centerpiece, especially if it will be visible to viewers from all angles.
  • Finish your centerpiece off with the greens you chose earlier. Fill in any gaps to ensure there are no empty spots and that the tape you laid out is not visible. You don’t want to give away your floral design secrets!

Throughout this process, check in occasionally to ensure your arrangement is adequately full. A sparse centerpiece can be an eyesore. Ask someone around you to determine if it could use any touch ups. Someone else’s opinion will offer a fresh perspective!

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