History 101 – Flower Meanings in a Bouquet

There is always a different meaning for every flower that you put into a bouquet. For example, a red rose will have a far different meaning than a yellow tulip.

Whether you are creating a bouquet for a loved one and want it to mean something special or you got a bouquet of flowers from your crush and want to figure out what exactly yellow roses mean as opposed to red ones, here are the meanings behind flowers in a bouquet.

Red for Romance

From red roses to red daisies, these flowers are meant to communicate strong feelings of love. Since the color red is often tied to romance and Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of red roses is one of the most romantic choices.

Pretty in Pink

While pink flowers will still portray the feeling of love, they definitely symbolize more of an innocence and gentleness. Pink flowers like pink ranunculus or azaleas are likely to show happiness and joy for the person that you give them to.

Yellow for Friendship and Family

Yellow is often seen as the color of positivity and kindness. Yellow flowers are a great choice for friendship and family love. Some great yellow flower choices are sunflowers, yellow tulips, and begonias.

Orange for Warmth

Much like the sunset, orange flowers are symbols of warmth and joy.

Orange flowers like orange parrot tulips are a bright and friendly choice for a bouquet to say friendship and admiration.

Green for Good Health

Whether you want someone to feel better after an accident or you want to show that you hope for your friendship or relationship to grow and prosper, a green flower can say it all.

Flowers like jade are a great choice to show that you care about the person you are giving them to.

Purple for Adoration

Purple flowers like purple irises or potted orchids can show that you admire and love someone. These flowers are often symbolic of love at first sight in the most innocent way.

It is also a royal color that means that you respect and admire someone.

Blue for Long-Term Love

As a color used by many people who have been in love for long periods of time, blue is often seen as never-ending love and trust in a relationship.

So, whether you are showing that you truly trust someone, or you are expressing how long you have loved them, blue hydrangeas and other blue-tinted flowers are a great way to express deep love for someone.

White for Innocence

A bouquet of white flowers is sure to convey that you are thinking of a person. Mostly, the color white has always been tied to innocence, but it also is a symbol of new beginnings.

Therefore, white is often a popular color for flowers in weddings (and for the wedding dress itself).

The Importance of Flower Conservation

Many native plant species struggle to survive in certain environments due to other plants being introduced to an area where they are not meant to be. By opting to include native flowers in your bouquet, you are showing how beautiful and valuable the Singapore natives actually are.

Many times, a place will do its best to conserve these natives by creating organizations that will grow and care for these flowers. Just like Singapore created the Native Plant Squad to spread awareness about the beautiful flowers of Singapore, organizations can help the overall health of the species.

Why Color Matters

You could be giving flowers for any variety of reasons. Whether you are expressing your love for your significant other or want your grandmother to know that you are thinking about her on her birthday, the color of the flower can express the feeling.

While most people do not realize it, everyone attaches meanings to color, so many of these meanings may have seemed obvious to you. The ability to choose a color of flowers based on how you are feeling allows you to say everything that you want a person to know without even opening your mouth.

You should always put thought into the type of flower that you include in a bouquet. Your loved one might be familiar with these color meanings, and giving them a random colored flower will send the wrong message. So, use this color guide to help you through deciding which color bouquet best suits your loved one, how you are feeling toward a person, and how you want them to feel.

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