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7 Native Flowers to Singapore that Are Beautiful in a Bouquet

Singapore is home to over two thousand plant species. While this may seem like a crazy amount, many of the plants that reside there were brought over to the land and often, quite literally, overshadow those that were there before them.

Many of the kinds of flowers introduced are common choices for bouquets, but the native flowers of Singapore can be a great choice for bouquets as well. Using native flowers in your bouquet adds beauty and history to your collection.

Luckily, there are organizations like The Native Plant Squad of Singapore that look out for the popularity and health of our favorite native flowers. The Native Plant Squad in Singapore holds up to sixty species of native plants, but here are just seven of the beautiful native flowers that make for great bouquets that they recommend most!

1) Aeschynanthus Parvifolius (Lipstick Plant)

These flowers are often found in potted plants, but they can also be very beautiful in a bouquet. In the wild, they are found on tree branches or trunks, but they can be placed as a base in your bouquet.

2) Aquatic Ginger

These flowers can grow while submerged in water. They are also able to handle some dryness while growing. This flower has stems that lead to pink-looking flowers and small purple fruits, which are bound to look great and unique in your bouquet.

3) Common Dianella

These star shaped, purple flowers have yellow polyps that come from the center. They also have purple berries that could be very effective in bringing some color into your bouquet.

4) Simpoh Lak

Simpoh Lak’s are tall, bright yellow flowers with delicate and rounded petals. They are natives to Singapore and are strikingly unique and bright.

With these flowers, your bouquet is sure to shine and radiate positive energy.

5) Ixora congesta

These flowers bloom from stems in clusters, making their orange beauty all the more aesthetically pleasing.

Adding these clusters to your bouquet is likely to boost its radiance and the orange petals will pop with almost any other flower.

6) Seashore Purslane

These purple flowers grow in the center of their deep green leaves. The leaves surrounding this flower almost look like petals themselves, so it creates a layering that you are not likely to find in any other native flowers.

Adding these small flowers to your bouquet could be just the small touch that you were looking for to make it perfect.

7) River Tarenna

These tiny yellow flowers grow on trees in Singapore. Their scientific name is ‘Tarenna Fragrans’, which is appropriate due to their potent and lovely smell.

With big clusters of these flowers, your bouquet will not only look amazing, but it will also have the scent that you have always sought after.

Why Choose Native Flowers?

Native Singapore flowers are often more unique, bright, and even more potent than other kinds of flowers. Using them in your bouquets is likely to receive some attention from flower-enthusiasts.

Besides their obvious beauty, choosing native flowers can also help to spread awareness to keep these flowers around.

The Importance of Flower Conservation

Many native plant species struggle to survive in certain environments due to other plants being introduced to an area where they are not meant to be. By opting to include native flowers in your bouquet, you are showing how beautiful and valuable the Singapore natives actually are.

Many times, a place will do its best to conserve these natives by creating organizations that will grow and care for these flowers. Just like Singapore created the Native Plant Squad to spread awareness about the beautiful flowers of Singapore, organizations can help the overall health of the species.

Native Flowers are Beautiful and Important

All in all, when creating a bouquet for a loved one, your home, or your office, the native flowers of Singapore are great options to vamp up your bouquet’s beauty and scent.

With you bringing attention to these native species through the art of bouquet-making, we can be sure to keep them around for years to come.

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