5 Reasons Why Flowers Are THE Classic Valentine’s Day Gift

With Valentine’s Day coming up, people in a relationship have begun their yearly scramble to find the best gift for their significant other. While there are always new products and trendsetting gifts coming out on the market each year, a bouquet of flowers is one gift that has retained its position for years as a favorite.

Flowers are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, and they have been so for decades. If you are still not convinced that this classic gift is the best thing you could get for your partner on such a special day, then consider these 5 reasons that should send you running to the florist.


Flowers have been meaningful gifts for loved ones for hundreds of years. The tradition began in the Victorian age and has continued strong ever since. It is socially well-known that receiving flowers from someone means that the sender cares about the recipient. Sending flowers shows thoughtfulness, but different types of flower convey different messages, you should make sure you’re sending the right one.

2. Living Gift

Flowers are one of the few presents you can give someone that are actually alive. They breathe life into the home of their recipients. They can also remind the receiver of the love in the relationship between the two of you. The living aspect of this gift becomes especially meaningful if they’re sent long distance. The living presence of the blooms reminds the receiver of the presence of their partner, even if they cannot be physically there for the big day.

3. Unmatched Beauty

While it is pretty much a given, it is still important to note how beautiful flowers are. They show the recipient the best of what nature has to offer. No matter how hard the gift giver tries, it is unlikely that they will be able to fashion something more beautiful than what nature provides on a daily basis, so why try? Give your significant other the best that nature offers rather than trying to create something artificially.

4.Appealing Smell

In addition to being pretty to look at, most flowers also give off a pleasant aroma. Bouquets brighten anyone’s day with a burst of fresh air that reminds them of the beauty of nature. Flowers offer a small snippet of the outdoors inside. They can transform any room from dark and dismal to vibrant and beautiful. The fresh fragrance of flowers will help your partner always think of you whenever they walk in the room and smell them.

5. Ephemeral Presence

There is something inherently beautiful about the temporary presence of flowers. Their beauty will fade eventually, but that does not mean they never existed. Flowers can remind people of the ever-changing nature of life. Nothing ever stays the same for too long, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Flowers can trace the journey of a love story throughout time which is why purchasing them for Valentine’s Day can be especially meaningful. However, if the fleeting nature of flowers is a bit of downer for you, then you could try this classic twist. Give your significant other a bouquet with a note that says, “I will love you until the last flower dies.” However, inside the bouquet include one plastic flower so that your message lasts a lifetime.

Bouquets are wonderful, thoughtful gifts that people love receiving on Valentine’s Day. They have stood the test of time as a romantic gesture, and they show no signs of slowing down or stopping in popularity.
Valentine’s Day gift givers shouldn’t try to reinvent the gesture. There is absolutely no problem with choosing a gift that is tried and true if it is thoughtful and meaningful. So, when it comes to Valentine’s Day don’t stress about thinking up the most unique or trendsetting sentiment, just think about what you could get your significant other that will make them feel special.

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