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10 Beautiful Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Carrying a bouquet in your wedding is a custom that’s been around forever. But just because you are participating in this tradition doesn’t mean that you can’t make it your own.

Here at A Flower Shop, we are going to give you 10 neat ideas to help you put your own spin on your wedding bouquet. Before we present some of our top suggestions, remember that you should use them as they apply to you. Take into account your venue, theme, color palette, and personal preferences to create the perfect bouquet for your wedding.

1. Berries

If you are having your wedding in the winter, a floral arrangement donned with berries is a great choice. You can choose to add pepperberries, pink snowberries, or elderberries to complement beautiful white roses.

2. Air Plant

Choose to carry a single plant from the Tillandsia genus. These plants serve as great bouquets in any wedding theme, from vintage to beachy. These air plants are durable and can last through your hectic wedding day – you can even choose to keep them as a memento from your special day.

3. Lanterns

Shine bright on your special day with a lantern wedding bouquet! You can have a natural or artificial light source illuminate your way down the aisle, depending on how long you will be holding your bouquet for. Decorate the lantern with forest ferns and any other foliage you deem fit.

4. Seashells

A bouquet filled with seashells will fit right in at a beach-themed wedding! These bouquets are becoming increasingly popular, so you won’t be hard-pressed to find one that fits your style and color preferences. You can also make one yourself by collecting shells and making your bouquet monochromatic or a combination of different shell types.

5. Vintage Feathers

Who says that your bouquet only can have floral elements? Try adding a few vintage feathers to completely transform its shape. Plus, vintage feathers will give your flowers a chic, tasteful look.

6. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers such as small daises, lavender, and grasses are both charming and sophisticated. It is great for any rustic arrangement and will perfectly tie together a fairy maiden look.

7. Paper Pinwheels

Accenting a classic bouquet with a paper pinwheel is a great way to add a pop of color and sense of playfulness. You can get these from craft stores or bridal shops.

If you’re particularly crafty, you can even design them yourself! Getting involved in your wedding planning process in every way makes the event so much more personable.

8. Texture

Give your bouquet dimension by adding flowers with texture. Some of the best kinds of flowers for this include:

  • Spray roses
  • Blue eryngium
  • Dahlias
    Seeded lemon leaves
  • Freesias
  • Succulents
  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Mums

A natural, wild-looking arrangement is bound to impress your guests and complete your earth goddess wedding look.

9. The Forever Bouquet

Want an arrangement that will last long after your wedding day? Consider one made with ribbon and brooches. It is a beautiful, intricate look that is bound to catch everyone’s eye. The best part about it – no preservation required.

10. Sheet Music

Paper flowers have started to make a comeback. They are much cheaper than the real deal, and they can be fun to make with your bridal party.

Consider using a unique material such as sheet music for your paper flowers. Use the sheet music for a song that is sentimental to your relationship. This will make the bouquet all the more special and meaningful.

Whatever bouquet you end up going with for your wedding, remember to have fun with it! Finding just the right flowers and accents will make the best day of your life as personal as possible- and that’s what you’ve always dreamed of, right?


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