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Seasonal Selections

Floral Therapy

Experience floral arrangements with us

Express yourself creatively and intuitively through the evocative colours, scents, textures and silhouettes of our fresh blooms.
There’s no right or wrong; you just need to capture your feelings at that moment and create with your hands, eyes and emotions.
Feel the mood lifting effect of our Floral Therapy sessions immediately, and savour it long after that.

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Artisan At Work

We choose to be different. We believe in letting our inspirations work for us. We take pride in crafting all our flower arrangements and while doing that, it requires time, patience and your understanding. Due to that, we do not offer same day delivery. All our flower orders must be placed in advance and we limit the number of flower arrangement to a small quantity for each working day.


Flower Substitute

In the event of flowers unavailability due to seasonality or when the flowers we received do not meet our standards, we will substitute any requested flowers or colors without prior notice. However, please trust that we will make every effort to create the flower arrangement with only the best flowers available to us.



We do not provide free delivery service because we do not believe it is ethical to compensate the free delivery service by discounting on the flowers of your order.  Delivery within the main island is chargeable at $15. Sentosa/Jurong island/restricted places (eg, army camp) will be at $20.